No, that’s not my share of the national debt.

As of right now, this slightly more than three year old blog has had 3,002,167 page views.

It has been very rewarding and informative writing this, and I would like to say thank you  to you, the reader, for making it all worth while.


12 thoughts on “3,000,000”

    1. Looks like XBrad’s best work is behind him…. I thought he was over the hill, but this confirmed it.
      That was a cool video, i’ve never seen that perspective before.

    2. Looks like XBrad’s best work is behind him…. I thought he was over the hill, but this confirmed it.

      Pretty much. But may I be so bold as to remind you that you’re almost as old as I am?

  1. Can you find out who the three millionth was? You could send them a free toaster….

    1. I gave up on sitemeter, so I’m not gonna be able to find out who it was. Plus, I didn’t even notice crossing the threshold until Roamy mentioned it to me last night.

      But if you really want, I’ll poke around the thrift stores for a toaster.

    2. Send the Toaster to URR. My wife already has one. I think we can accept that URR was the 3 millionth by acclamation. That’ll tickle his Gyrene vanity as well.

  2. “Gyrene” and “vanity” are mutually exclusive, I will have you know.

    I don’t need to be TOLD how good Dress Blues look.

    I damn sure know already.

  3. Keep up the good work xbradtc. You have a great range of interesting topics here.

    I greatly enjoyed the Falklands Campaign naval action summary.

    I think the UK ground forces were even more impressive in that campaign, as they were clearly outnumbered and fighting entrenched defenders. The UK won with better trained troops, including Guardsmen, Para, Gurkhas, RMs, and SAS.

    1. Please don’t feed his vanity; he doesn’t have any dress blues to fall back on anymore. The site does okay, though I suspect that XBrad accounts for about 55%-60% of the hits himself….. Truthfully, I account for a large number myself.

  4. Congratulations on the page view achievement. Thank you, and your co-bloggers for an entertaining and informative blog.
    Leave off calling xbrad old, Esli. If he’s old, that makes me old. And I ain’t old.

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