Final note on UARS and here comes another one

Roamy here. The AP reported that UARS entered the atmosphere somewhere close to American Samoa and fell to Earth in a 500-mile swath near Christmas Island. This is far better than the coverage last week when they gave the time of impact plus or minus 53 minutes. Umm, that’s more than a full orbit, guys. There were reports of debris falling on Canada, but this has not been confirmed and seems unlikely if the debris path was entirely in the Pacific Ocean.

Co-blogger Craig pointed me to this article. Another satellite built in the 1980’s with no end-of-life disposal method will fall to Earth later this year. The German-built ROSAT X-ray telescope was launched in 1990 and will meet its end in late October or early November this year. I don’t think this satellite is tumbling, so the reentry should be more predictable.