4 thoughts on “Airplane Graveyard St. Augustine FL”

  1. Sad to see some nice planes rot. Even more sad is the warbird market. Many nice wrecks are ruined by “collectors” who destroy historical artifacts looking for a plane to “restore”. The air race circuit is full of planes past their prime.

    Some of those Trackers should have been restored for an air park or museum.

  2. Those birds have been in that old junk yard for damn near 45 years as best as I can recall. That property is very close to St. Augustine Airport, where the Trackers big brother, the E2-D is being worked on.

    1. You know, so that Delta Bravo abd I, down in the burrows under the Front Porch, could get supplies for you ungrateful types up top, Sal bought us two beautifully restored classic trucks, a 1950 Chevy panel truck, and a 1956 Ford F500 3 ton flatbed. They are both parked by the dock down on level 6 East. Want me to leave the keys to the Ford where you can find them? Just be sure and put it back when you are done. And fill the tank. I hope you can double clutch.

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