2 thoughts on “Whatchya doin’, Esli?”

  1. As much as I hate to admit my mortar platoon was not perfect, we actually had something similar to this happen during the night defensive live-fire at NTC one year. We were shooting in MOPP IV (Chemical protective overgarments, gloves, and masks) and the crew hung one round, which caught fire. (As you can imagine, the tube gets pretty hot during a big Fire-For-Effect.) The AG dropped it, believing it went down the tube and fired but they didn’t feel the recoil. I was forced to cease-fire, since we concluded we had a short round out in the impact area. Despite a “good” search, at sunrise the crew found the scorched round half-buried in the sand a couple feet behind the track at the base of the ramp, which had been down during the mission. Not what you want to call to BN, but it beat having UXO half-way to the impact area… Very interesting video; I’m glad that there isn’t any like that for our mission!

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