The Fighting Lady

An excellent WWII propaganda film about an “unnamed” carrier (almost certainly CV-16, USS Lexington CV-10, Yorktown,d’oh!) in the Pacific War. Released sometime in late 1944, it’s in color, and extremely interesting. It’s also over an hour long, so grab your popcorn.


3 thoughts on “The Fighting Lady”

  1. The Lady of the Fighting Lady was actually the USS YORKTOWN (CV-10). Apparently in one of the scenes where they are showing footage of a strafing attack, Gregory Boyington claims he was one of the targets (well it was Truk and he was there).

    1. You’re correct. I thought Yorktown, heck, I even READ Yorktown, saw the numbers on the bow, and yet, my fat fingers ignored by pleas and typed Lexington.

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