War News Updates: Israel Secretly Receives 55 Bunker Busting Bombs From The U.S.

The Obama administration has quietly supplied Israel with bombs capable of destroying buried targets, like terrorists’ arms caches or perhaps sites in Iran suspected of being part of that nation’s nuclear weapons program, American officials said Friday.

The administration’s transfer of bunker-busting bombs, first reported in an online article by Newsweek, began in 2009. American officials who confirmed the shipments spoke on the condition of anonymity, because they were not authorized to discuss the matter publicly. They declined to comment on the number of bombs that had been supplied to Israel or on their capabilities.

via War News Updates: Israel Secretly Receives 55 Bunker Busting Bombs From The U.S..

Interesting. The GBU-28 was originally developed in a crash program to defeat buried/hardened targets in Iraq during Desert Storm there were invulnerable to the standard GBU-27/BLU-109 2000lb penetrating laser guided bomb.

How “crash” was the program? Well, development started after the shooting started. The original bombs were hand-crafted, and built using surplus 8″ howitzer barrels as the body of the bomb, and the explosive filler was hand poured into them.

The first examples were flown to Saudi Arabia and were so new, the explosive filler was still warm.

Later production examples were built with purpose built bomb casings, and refinements to controls and guidance software. It is still the largest, heaviest penetrating weapon in the active inventory, though the Air Force is developing some larger special purpose weapons for deployment on B-2 bombers.


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  1. Nice story told in the video. Worth two minutes.
    Reminds me of some bunkers I checked out in ’08 during an area recon of an area called the Maskar Bunker Complex south of Baghdad. Had a massive bunker, probably 50′ tall, 100′ wide and 200′ long, made of concrete blocks about 4-6′ thick. Penetrated on one end, and one strike center mass on the top, but i have no idea by what. No way to get inside, unless I had my ropes with me, and could climb down through the roof (alas they were all at home…). No one could tell us what it was, but it was clearly a former military site, with old SA missile firing positions, shipping cases, etc scattered around. Strangely, the locals said it used to be an airfield, but there was no sign of that at all.

  2. Sounds like those hardened aircraft hangars our friends the French built for Saddam. Didn’t work all that well in the end, did it? 🙂

    1. It looked roughly similar in profile, but had no openings on either end. There was also only one, and it was not on an airfield, taxiway, or anything like. Let me see if the good host is reading his comments and can splice a couple photos in this reply for me….

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