Information Dissemination: AirSea Battle – A Strategy of Tactics?

AirSea Battle is gaining public notoriety, even as an official description is yet to exist. AirSea Battle is now part of general answers and specific questions in Congressional hearings suggesting there is some anticipation on Capitol Hill what exactly this widely touted but never officially discussed series of ideas might be.

The focus of AirSea Battle appears to be to counter the growing challenges to US military power projection in the western Pacific and Persian Gulf, although in public use AirSea Battle is now used almost exclusively in the context of China.

via Information Dissemination: AirSea Battle – A Strategy of Tactics?.

AirSea Battle isn’t an operational doctrine, such as AirLand Battle was.

It’s a FUNDING doctrine. A method of generating budgeting support in the halls of Congress to fund programs for the Navy and the Air Force. Both services are concerned that the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have given prominence to funding for the Army and Marines, and that in the looming decimation of the services, they’ll get hurt more than the ground forces.

It’s a legitimate concern, but pretending that AirSea Battle is a coherent approach to possible mid-intensity conflict in the Pacific is dishonest.