6 thoughts on “Damp Duster”

  1. How’d it get there?

    “Hey, Sir, just to give you a heads’ up, we are gonna be one short on the serialized items list this month… Seems PFC Jones failed his tracked vehicle operator’s course….”

  2. Looks like a nice dive spot. I don’t know who heads it up but there have been a lot of M60 tanks sunk to support the growth of reefs. The day I read about M1s hitting the seafloor I will feel old.

    1. We’ve got an old 60A3 sitting near the council house in Cherokee. No one I’ve asked has the slightest idea why it’s sitting there. I suspect someone was wanting to set it up as part of a memorial. They’ve got an 105 howitzer near the council house for that purpose, and I suspect the A3 was going to be part of it. Getting that “51 tons of homogeneous steel” in motion to put it somewhere else is going to be a serious production when they do decide to do something with it.

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