M42 Duster… Walk around

Brad never asks… he should at least send out an RFI to support his posts. He should know by now that Craig’s archives are full of AFV and cannon pictures.

AWM 21 Aug 10 056

AWM 21 Aug 10 054

AWM 20 Aug 11 163

AWM 20 Aug 11 162

AWM 20 Aug 11 227

AWM 20 Aug 11 195

9 July 2011 709

23 May 09 261


But don’t forget the “forebears” of the M42.

AWM 20 Aug 11 171

The M16 Multiple Gun Motor Carriage (yes… that rolls right off the tongue) with quad .50s was among several self-propelled anti-aircraft weapons built on the trusty M3 half-track chassis during World War II. The M16 was perhaps the better of the lot, and saw service well beyond the World War II years.

AWM 20 Aug 11 155

Arriving just at the close of World War II, the M19 Gun Motor Carriage lacked the “sexy” name, but was comparable to the M42 Duster in many regards.  Armed with a wartime version of the twin 40mm Bofors, the M19 used the chassis of the M24 Chaffee light tank.

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  1. Once I had four M42 babies in Kinmen Island 20 years ago. I am in California now. Do you know where I can find one to take a look?

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