Load HEAT- Paz de la Huerta

Paz de la Huerta stars on Boardwalk Empire. I’ve never seen it, but I hear she gets nekkid a lot. A LOT. In fact, this is the first Load HEAT that almost didn’t get made because there were no clothed pics of our girl. Fortunately, she’s just snagged a deal to promote Agent Provocateur lingerie, and that provided some pics of her with some clothes on.

Click each pic to embiggen.  You knew that, right?

Paz de la Huerta (1)Paz de la Huerta (3)Paz de la Huerta (4)Paz de la Huerta (5)Paz de la Huerta (6)Paz de la Huerta (7)Paz de la Huerta (9)Paz de la Huerta (11)Paz de la Huerta (12)Paz de la Huerta (14)the devils double premiere 260711Paz de la Huerta (16)

11 thoughts on “Load HEAT- Paz de la Huerta”

    1. Sadly, I’m pretty sure that the great outfit in #7 isn’t from Agent Provocateur, but rather a screenshot from Boardwalk Empire.

      But if A/P has a lick of sense, they’ll offer it soon!

  1. You would think a lingerie model would know that the panties go on over the gaterbelt. A ex sweetie of mine told me that wearing them under the garter belt poses real problems in both the ladies, and the bedroom.

  2. Okay, so I finally started watching Boardwalk Empire. We’re about 2 episodes behind the current, now, and I gotta say … I do NOT understand the fascination with Paz De La Huerta. She looks – and sounds – like she’s got Down’s Syndrome.

    Sure, she’s got a great body and she shows it off pretty often, but … if those are your two main criteria, let me tell you about this new thing … it’s called “the internet.”

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