Did your dog start barking?

It was probably from the very, very high pitched scream I let out when I spotted this guy.


I’m used to being cautious moving stuff and reaching into dark corners in the garage or outside. But finding this guy inside the house, behind my comfy chair was a first.

Current score: Broom of Doom- 4, Black Widows- 0. 

I wouldn’t say I wet myself. Just a little dampness, really…

5 thoughts on “Did your dog start barking?”

  1. In Thailand I made it a habit of tapping out my boots before putting them on. One morning one of those little suckers dropped out. I let him go and followed him to a hole in the wall, under the sink in our latrine. Probably a nest. Our site engineer came to the rescue with a dispenser of bug juice. Never saw any again, but I never stopped checking my boots before I put them on.

  2. A few yaers ago, my sister Guinevere’s eldest son came and said that he had been bitten by a spider, when cleaning out the shed. She told him, ” Suck it up, Snedrick, it’s like it was a brown recluse.” When Snedrick got out of the hospital, a week later, she admitted that perhaps it had, indeed, been a brown recluse.

  3. My rule of thumb is spiders who stayed at shoulder level or below could live. Those who rose above that elevation died. Then I married my arachnophobia wife. Now they all sadly must die.

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