Happy Birthday to… the Tank!

The History Channel’s “Today in History” page notes that September 6 is the birthday of the tank:

On this day in 1915, a prototype tank nicknamed Little Willie rolls off the assembly line in England. Little Willie was far from an overnight success. It weighed 14 tons, got stuck in trenches and crawled over rough terrain at only two miles per hour. However, improvements were made to the original prototype and tanks eventually transformed military battlefields.

So happy birthday to the ultimate weapon system…. The Tank!

As the article notes, the first tank had some detail issues to work out.  The British wouldn’t put the first into combat until a year later, in Septmeber 1916.

See.. those early tanks doubled as infantry fighting vehicles.  AND they had their own smoke system!

– Craig.

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  1. They didn’t just have a smoke system, they had both external AND internal smoke systems. I love the smell of gasoline engine exhaust and cordite smoke anytime of day.

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