Armor OSUT stands up at Benning

It pains my soul to see my beloved Ft. Benning, home of the Infantry, sullied with Armor troops…And I bet they’re none to happy to have to train at a base that doesn’t put a mint on their pillow every night!

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9 thoughts on “Armor OSUT stands up at Benning”

  1. Someone has to bring dignity and some measure of competence to the Manuever Center of Excellence. I only say this because I was a Harmony Church OSUT guy…
    Why stir up contention; from all I am hearing, the former infantry center is treating the armor community very well. There really is not a lot left at Knox right now; we’ve been infiltrating Benning for quiet some time now.

    1. I guess no one checked with you before the change….
      I am not even saying that I am for it, but your Congress expects savings from DoD that can be frittered away elsewhere.
      To me, Benning will always mean Infantry, and Knox will mean I wised up and switched into Armor.

  2. As a former Infantryman who did his Basic Training (none of that OSUT crap!) at FT Knox, I can assure Drill Sergeants Vivian and Long NEVER put mints on my pillow.

    Humping Agony and Misery were as bad if not worse than anything I did at the Benning School for Boys!

  3. One must look at the bright side. In addition to reducing the cost of training for armor and infantry, look at the hundreds of man hours that will be saved as Fisters only need to discredit one school instead of two. It really makes our lives much more simple.

  4. Scouts Out! Patton was Cavalry and not infantry and it was Cavalry (Armor) that drove through Europe and defeated the Nazi’s. If left to infantry we would still be sitting on the beach at Normandy (memories of Anzio). infantry has a lot of catching up to do, you know they did invent the wheel, don’t you? Ha!

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