8 thoughts on “Always, ALWAYS, use the “Before Landing” checklist…”

    1. Thanks for the scoop.

      So it wasn’t a checklist failure (and I kinda figgered it wasn’t).

      You’ll notice, dear readers, that the A-10 was specifically designed to require minimum repairs after a wheels-up landing like this. The wheels actually protrude when retracted. A little paint, fix the gun, she’s all good!

  1. Worked A-10’s at Davis-Monthan AFB for 6 years. Tough doesn’t even begin to describe it. Funny thing is I was at Edwards in the 70’s when they were testing it & the A-9. Good times. BTW, I tried to send the picture of Aluminum Overcast, but it bounced back. And I can’t attach it here. Any ideas?

  2. Well, he did walk away. And the AC can probably still be used. While not a fantastic landing, it’s betetr than a good landing. I’m sure his squadron mates will let him live it down sometime after he transfers to a new Wing.

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