U.S. Army Buys Switchblade Small Loitering Weapons | Defense Update

The Switchblade air vehicle launches from a small tube that can be carried in a backpack and transmits live color video wirelessly for display on AeroVironment’s standard small unmanned aircraft system (UAS) ground control unit. Upon confirming the target using the live video feed, the operator then sends a command to the air vehicle to arm it and lock its trajectory onto the target. Flying quietly at high speed the Switchblade delivers its onboard explosive payload with precision while minimizing collateral damage. With the ability to call off a strike even after the air vehicle is armed, Switchblade provides a level of control not available in other weapon systems.



via U.S. Army Buys Switchblade Small Loitering Weapons | Defense Update.

4 thoughts on “U.S. Army Buys Switchblade Small Loitering Weapons | Defense Update”

  1. Bet the Switchblade would work as a anti-pirate skiff weapon. A few tubes could protect most vessels.
    Wonder what the range over water is.

    1. Piracy has never been a weapons problem, but a Rules of Engagement problem. We’ve tied ourselves up in so much civilizing law that we forget that others operate outside the law.

      In effect, instead of the law providing a framework for civilization, it now leaves civilized people at the mercy of barbarians.

      It is to weep.

    2. The Brits had the right of it in the “Golden Age of Piracy.” They were wolves to killed if the risk of capture was too high. If captured, they were tried before and Admiralty Court and if convicted, sentenced to be hung from a gallows that was built below the high tide line so at least one cycle of the tide washed over the body. Certain Pirates had their corpse displayed in chains at some prominent location to pour encourager.

      We must return to those attitudes if we are to maintain civilization. Pirates, by their actions, place themselves in the position of being outlaws that do not get the protections of civilization unless captured. Then we give them a fair trial and a fine hanging.

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