2 thoughts on “September 2, 1945: Formal Surrender of Japan in Images | Reels and Highlights | Command Posts”

  1. My mom, a New Yorker, and young single gal who worked in New York city, was in Times Square on this very day. She enjoys recalling how wonderful the experience and celebration was. As she says — and she’s actually a very conservative and proper gal — she kissed every guy in uniform that she encountered. She called it VJ-Day. That makes me giggle now.

  2. My uncle was a Corpsman on Guadalcanal, and was wounded in the worst part of the fighting. He later went into Peliliu and came out of that OK. I can’t remember what his assignment was at the time, but managed to get aboard Missouri for the actual surrender ceremony. Like most vets, he didn’t talk about combat, and we could get him to do so. Guadalcanal was horrific, and I imagine Peliliu was too. No man in his right mind wants to remember that stuff.

    He did talk about teh surrender. I can understand him on that.

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