Via War News Updates, a look at field rations in use in Afghanistan. 


Italy : pasta and bean soup, beef tortellini, mackerel in olive oil, canned sausages, fruit salad, fruit bar, fruit jelly, sweet and savory crackers, chocolate, salt, whole fiber tablets, vitamin tablets, instant coffee, sugar, sweetened condensed milk, matches, three toothpicks, three toothbrushes.

Looks pretty tasty.

2 thoughts on “Vittles”

  1. I liked Cs and the original MREs quite alright. Not so sure about the new stuff. Seems the newer version has morphed from “Meals Rejected by Ethiopians” to “Meals Refusing to Exit.” Part of the latter may be because the troops aren’t getting enough water, or they need to give them a small packet of Phillips Milk of Magnesia.

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