We’re on vacation, so we’re still taking a break from our Falklands series, but CDR Salamander has an article on Britain’s disastrous Nimrod MRA4 program. The plan to modernize Britain’s maritime patrol planes was so poorly run, it lead to the end of all dedicated maritime patrol planes in Britain’s fleet. The Argentinians suffered badly in the Falklands from a lack of dedicated MP aircraft. Will Britain learn that lesson the hard way as well?

Also, we haven’t discussed yet the troubles the British had because of a lack of dedicated Airborne Early Warning (radar search) airplanes. We should touch on that shortly. Again, via a link from CDR Sal, an interesting article on the results of poor program management, the planned conversion of Nimrods to an AEW platform.

It’s easy to shake ones head in wonderment at how poorly the Brits have run so many programs. But we should take care not to throw rocks in glass houses. If our MP aircraft program and AEW ¬†aircraft are in decent shape