Operation Dragon Strike

I actually haven’t seen this, since the bandwidth here is so low, I can’t get any youtube to load.

Someone write a review for me, will ya?


1 thought on “Operation Dragon Strike”

  1. Review: 5:11 of quite similar and bland controlled detonations of various structures and dirt mounds, interspersed with two shots of what appears to be 1xUSF WIA (distasteful by inclusion) being treated and subsequently air-evacuated by UH60, and some interesting helmet cam shots of an M4-equipped soldier firing at unidentified area targets, but you can see the ejected cases fly across the screen. The whole thing is put together with no continuity and very little context beyond an opening “credit” shot and frequently dissolves to “shaky-cam” quality due to the limitations inherent to helmet cameras. That said, it does indicate the lot of the average combat soldier, which is that things blow up in his proximity, he shoots at things he does not see clearly, and sometimes good guys get hurt. it is set to good music (if you subscribe to the notion that Metallica is good background noise.) The compiler could have made a much better effort to edit the video by timing the music to reach a crescendo at the same time as explosions, but did not. Overall: **/**** (that’s 2 out of 4 stars, if you can’t tell). Best shots: opening, first helmet cam over weapon, and 2 x UH60s landing quickly.

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