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  1. I don’t recall any place in Coronado being that high up except the bridge and maybe the top of the Hotel Del Coronado. What’s flying out of NAS North Island these days what with the S3s going away?

    1. NAB has two 9 story buildings, which look like they went up about the time you left. We’re in the southern of the two, which is next to ComNavSurfPac as Jack notes below.

      NASNI is now the home to all West Coast MH-60 squadrons (though other air stations usually have a couple around as station SAR support) and also supports a lot of transient traffic, largely because it is so close to the SoCal OpArea for CarQuals.

      After a bad crash in San Diego, where an F-18 went down on approach to Miramar on a divert from CarQual, there were a lot of questions why he didn’t put down at North Island.

    2. I guess the -60s are a lot more quiet than the Hoovers. I am sure the Coronado gentry don’t mind that at all. Certainly both are quieter than the Harriers I saw and heard one day at school.
      I remember one day hanging out on the beach at the end of the flight line and watching Phantoms come in, which made the Vikings look pretty lame… I don’t know why they were there but there was a lot of Phantom tail fins painted zinc chromate green sitting around on racks back in those days.
      If you have time, go by 931 Cabrillo AV and send me a picture of my old house!

    3. Well they moved offices, admittedly I was there in ’98 when Group 1 still occupied the building.

  2. my view wasn’t as nice, my room was two blocks to the east.
    I did get the privilege of working in the offices across the parking lot on the other side of the building though.
    Need to go back down for a visit sometime.

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