Sorry for the light posting the last day or two, and thanks to Roamy and Craig for picking up the slack. 

I’ve had some access issues the last couple days, and now I’m on vacation, staying on beautiful Coronado Island, which forms the outer bar to San Diego harbor. 

Here on Naval Amphibious Base Coronado there is a small monument to those sailors who died in the Vietnam War, as well as three small craft which represent the hundreds of craft the Navy used in riverine and coastal warfare there. 


3 thoughts on “Coronado”

  1. Can’t say I miss living in Coronado. Spent two years there a long time ago, in middle school. It was always interesting seeing what we could see going on around BUDS/the amphib base from a distance. They still have the life-size creature from the black lagoon on display?

    1. I haven’t been across the street to that part of the base. So far on base I’ve seen the BOQ, the park with the boats, and the front gate.

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