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Roamy here.  The TacSat-4 is scheduled to launch from the Kodiak Launch Complex in Alaska next month.  This satellite will be launched on an Orbital Sciences Minotaur IV.

One of the articles I read about this said that there was a launch delay for TacSat-4 because of the Glory satellite launch failure back in March, but that was using a Taurus XL, not a Minotaur. Perhaps there’s some overlap in parts, or they were just being cautious. It will be good to have this capability in orbit.

TacSat-4 is a Navy-led joint mission which provides 10 Ultra High Frequency (UHF) channels and allows troops using existing radios to communicate on-the-move (COTM) from obscured regions without the need for dangerous antenna positioning and pointing…TacSat-4 provides flexible up and down channel assignments, which increase the ability to operate in busy radio-frequency environments and will cover the high latitudes and mountainous areas where users currently cannot access UHF satellite communications (SATCOMs).

I will definitely yield to the comm experts on how this truly helps, but more is better, right?

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  1. We transport the rocket motors from Puget Sound to Kodiak. Hauled up a lot of the equipment for the facility as it was being built.

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