Load HEAT- Sasha Alexander

Who would have expected the most popular show on cable would be Rizzoli & Isles? Sasha Alexander plays Dr. Maura Isles, another in a long line of really smoking hot medical examiners. Which, let’s hope she doesn’t go out the way her character Caitlin Todd did on NCIS, which was pretty much the most brutal death on broadcast TV. What a waste.

Anyway, enjoy!

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8 thoughts on “Load HEAT- Sasha Alexander”

  1. I was crushed when Kaitlin got killed. Ziva David helped me through the tough times…. are you gonna do Cote de Pablo, or have you already? She is double-canister of HEAT. Which I know isn’t technically possible with fixed ammunition, but you get the idea!!! 🙂

    1. But if we’re talking artillery propellant charges, we could have “HEAT” all the way up to M203A1 charge 8s. Don’t ask me about MACS. My artillery experience was over way before it came into being.

  2. Agree, I was very disappointed in the way she left NCIS, but I think the most brutal death on broadcast TV was the show MI-5 on A&E and PBS (originall Spooks in the UK). Lisa Faulkner’s character Helen Flynn’s death involving a head first dunking in a hot oil french fry cooker was very disturbing to me. I never watched that show again.

    1. I remember being stunned by that episode of Spooks/MI5. I stuck with the show for the first 3 series until Tom left the show. But if my readers aren’t familiar with it, they should check it out. It’s on Netflix, I believe.

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