World War II Marine Assault Demo

Second video from the American Wartime Museum open house.

This one captures a demo by reenactors depicting Marines encountering a bunker on patrol.  The team demonstrated some of the weapons used during World War II in order to combat enemy bunkers.  Mortars, small arms, a bazooka, a tank, then a flamethrower….


Sorta reminds me of those dismounted lanes on the Multi-Purpose Range Complex (MPRC).

Here’s someone else’s video from last years’ version of the same demo.


I think you would agree the addition of the tank is a good touch.

5 thoughts on “World War II Marine Assault Demo”

    1. SOSR wasn’t clear enough, so we added an A for “assault” at the end a few years back. Otherwise, people might have put a breach in and then sat there and stared at the marked lane….

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