Team Yankee

So, I just came across a free hardcover edition of Team Yankee, by Harold Coyle. It’s an excellent book, using a fictional telling of World War III to explain the company level life of the Army in Europe in the early 1980s.

Now I just need to replace my copy of The Defense of Hill 781. 

Both books use fiction to give the layman a better understanding of the complexities of modern mounted warfare.  Which, given that the original purpose of the blog was to help non-vets gain a better understanding of the Army and warfare, I hate these guys for doing it so well. And making a buttload of money doing it.

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  1. Did you know that General Sir John Hacket in a scenario written for a battlefield exercise and this book is taken from parts of it? Or that Sir Hacket helped Coyle with the details? Tom Clancy as well helped Coyle out, as you’ll see some similaries between Red Storm Rising and the background of the book.

    Great book, I’ve read it dozens of times…

    1. I knew Hackett and Clancy helped, but the scenario is almost unimportant. His description of company level actions is the key to the book.

      And I’ve read it dozens of times also.

  2. There was a spin-off board game from the book too. IIRC, it was a fairly quick to learn game, compared to some of the complex games in the modern warfare genre. Also played the video game version (for PC) after getting it off the bargain bin at the PX. But it was a poor showing.

  3. I bought that book at Hastings Video/Book store, Lawton OK, about 1988. Still have in my bookcase. Good One. Also, First Clash, by Kenneth Macksey, 1985.

  4. This book was one of the main reasons I switched from infantry to armor. My only problem with it was in how he slammed the tank loader for screwing up a radio message to the CO CDR. As an RTO at the time, I took exception. I later found that there is much truth in what he described…

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