5 thoughts on “M41 Walker Bulldog”

  1. As lame as it sounds, I almost sprained an index finger by jamming it into the chest of one of my platoon leaders over and over. I had just found out that he had been smoking in the turret of an M1 during gunnery, which with combustible case ammo is totally retarded. His gunnery performance prevented my guys from taking the high tank company score in USAREUR one year. Worst LT I have ever seen, bar none. Sadly, his platoon sergeant stopped me from my real plan, which was to take him into the woodline and have him do pushups and flutter kicks until he agreed to get out of the army. I did keep him from getting promoted to 1LT for an extra 8 months, though.

    1. In my defense, there’s a big difference between smoking in a Bradley turret, and smoking around combustible case ammo.

      I seem to recall a turret fire while my brigade was at Graf. The loader was “lap carrying” the next round, and it ignited as the breech kicked out the stump. 3 dead.

    2. Yep, that”ll do it. Lap-loading is a major no-go for that reason, besides which it is stupid anyway (a good loader can get a round in the breech in about 4 seconds). The videos of turret fires we have to watch are enough to scare most people straight… There are a lot of cables that can snag you when you try to evacuate the turret, but no one is fast enough to get out before a combustible-case cartridge goes up. This reminds me that I need to try and get into Tank CDR Certification Course since it has been more than a few years…

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