Is this the endgame in Libya?

I’ve been ambivalent about NATO and US support of the rebellion in Libya. In general, I’m OK with bombing the crap out of tinpot dictators. On the other hand, without clear Congressional approval, or an imminent threat, the President doesn’t have the authority to just start wars on his own. Particularly when there is no clear cut benefit to us.

Hot Air brings us some of the latest. Looks like one way or another, the fighting is going to come to a climax.

Tripoli hasn’t fallen yet but reports of chaos inside the city are flying on Twitter faster than I can type them up. One credible reporter, Alex Crawford of Sky News, is on the ground with the rebels either on the outskirts of the city or inside the city itself and says people are coming out of their homes to greet them as they enter. (One rumor has it that Saif al-Islam Qaddafi, the heir apparent, has been captured at the Rixos hotel.) News is moving so quickly that I recommend opening up a few tabs and following the key liveblogs: Al Jazeera, the NYT, the BBC, and the Guardian. Blake Hounshell, the managing editor of Foreign Policy, is collating tweets from reporters and Libyan residents; you can follow his feed here. And if that’s not enough, try the livestreams of Al Jazeera English and Sky News, where Crawford is transmitting.

Of course, what comes next is the big question.