6 thoughts on “Caturday-Sox gets his revenge edition…”

  1. Ah, cats can be viscious creatures when they feel slighted, can’t they? My mom really hated this one great cat we had. Mineu (the cat) knew it and returned the affection. We all left to go get groceries after my mom had yelled at the cat. When we got back and everything was inside, all of us kids plopped down in front of the TV to watch cartoons and such (it was Saturday). It wasn’t long before we noticed a bad smell so we all started looking. Then we looked at the rug. It was an 8′ diameter rug, very thick and not light. Mineu had pulled that damn thing over, took a crap almost dead in the middle, then pulled it back nice and neat. Oh my God, did Mom go ballistic!!!! Mineu was outside of course, sitting on a tree limb with a smile on her face 🙂

  2. Dogs…my cat always loved dogs…they were so easy to play with, since they were so simple-minded 🙂

  3. My Blue Heeler loved cats. The last one that tried to play with her learned a very harsh lesson he would never have to remember. Sassy learned on Groundhogs and Cats were silly simple after that.

  4. QM, if your Heeler ever gets around one of those 1/2 scale bobcats otherwise known as a Manx cat, make sure your dog stays away. Those cats are hell on wheels and purely hate dogs.

    1. Sassy departed this mortal coil on 7 Feb 2001. So no worries on that account.

      We came up on a Bobcat many years ago that decided it wanted to be somewhere we were not (I have no idea how we got so close I could lay eyes on it because we weren’t being quiet). Sassy struck the scent but didn’t make chase. Either the scent was too strange, or she was more interested in seeing where I was headed is unknown to me. I’m sure if she had made contact, she would have been worse for the wear. The Cat was about the same size as she was.

      Domestic cats were a fish of a different color, however.

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