California Life

California is boned. It’s going to collapse  under the strain of out of control spending and an environment that is ruthlessly against successful business.

But we do have this going for us.


8 thoughts on “California Life”

  1. Of course, my arteries aren’t going to last much longer than California under the onslaught of Double-Doubles and Animal Fries Well Done …

    Mmmm. You’ve made me want In-n-Out, Brad. Now look what you’ve done.

  2. Kinda glad that stuff doesn’t look that good right now, but I had a wonderful burger with pepper jack cheese at a restaurant at lunchtime today. Not proud about it, but I love me the awesome greasy.

    1. There’s one just down the road from me, but I’ve never been.

      And until I get my dental work finished, I can’t eat peanuts.

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