The Blackshoe Navy

Aviators in the Navy are allowed to wear brown shoes. The “Blackshoe Navy” by contrast, is the Surface Warfare community. Here’s how it was in the old days.


3 thoughts on “The Blackshoe Navy”

  1. Interesting to see what changed from 1971 to 1982, when I first sailed in a Spruance class destroyer. The UNREP gear shown in this film had mostly been superseded by the constant tension rigs and bell receivers. Pre-Internet, the cultural isolation and small town feeling was still there.

    Had to LOL when Napoli was listed as a favorite liberty port. The scriptwriter was a tad overwrought there.

  2. Oohrah! Black is the only color for shoes!

    (Also: I see what you did there, NaCLy… I’m watching you…)

  3. Salty. imagine being home ported in Naples. CORTRON 8 was home ported there from about late ’70 thru October ’73. If you got depressed visiting, imagine living there. Some of the JOs had a “Snake Ranch” out near Lago Patria, but a lot of us JSs just lived on the ship. It was cheaper and less depressing for me.

    We saw a number of Spru cans pull in while I was stationed there.

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