Giant Freakin’ Spider

Did I mention I hate spiders? And as a child, visiting Gramma’s place in Georgia, I was petrified by the thought of running across the fearsome Black Widow. I never did spot one in Georgia. But I never got any fonder of them, either. Sadly, SoCal has Black Widows. I’ve usually come to a live and let live arrangement with them. This little girl, I let alone.


But this big momma…



Look, I’ve been running around the garage barefoot for years. I can’t do that when I know there’s a ginormous Black Widow just waiting to ambush me. You stay outside, or you get The Broom of Doom!


P.S. You totally know I went back and smooshed that first spider, right?

14 thoughts on “Giant Freakin’ Spider”

  1. Spiders. Meh. But I did have a friend end up in the hospital with a swollen face and got so sick for awhile they were not sure she was going to make it. Took them days before they figured out that her body’s internal organs were reacting to a spider bite. That was creepy.

    Another friend was bitten by a brown recluse. That’s very serious.
    Left her deformed and scarred at the bite spot.

    Now you wanna talk about scorpions, centipedes, asps, and snakes… Yea. They all give me the creeps. I’m allergic to fire ants. If I step on a hill and get several stings, I’ll be sick and lethargic for several days until their poison works through my system. The sting marks also swell, turn color, and form tiny blisters too. Past couple of years I’ve treated my entire yard with some effective pest control. It’s helped keep away the fleas and fire ants and other stuff so that’s helped the dogs and me a lot.

    1. I’ve never spotted any tarantulas here. We had them in Colorado, and had a pretty fair relationship which consisted of “you stay out of my bed and boots, and I won’t smash you with a hammer.”

  2. Found out when we first moved to Texas that tarantulas like saguaro cactus for hollowing them out and building their nests… Like a high-rise apartment building.

    1. **shudders**

      Whenever the younger troops would spot one in Colorado, they’d all gather round, and sooner or later, someone would try to poke ’em with a stick. We’d tell them that tarantulas could jump four or five feet, and that we lost a guy to a spider bite a couple years ago. Miraculously, they tended to drop the stick and back up.

  3. Hahahaha! I can see those guys…

    Friends of ours who moved to SA same time as us called a landscaper asking what was going on with their cactus because it looked like it was ‘pulsing.’. The landscaper guy screamed back at our friends to hang up the phone and immediately call the fire department. When the fire department showed up, they draped the old cactus with a tarp first and began to deal with the live spiders that caused the cactus to appear to be pulsing.

    Dont know about their ability to jump, but we transplanted midwesterners took that cactus episode seriously.

  4. In my jungle “retreat” in mountains on the Thai-Cambodian border, there were crawly critters I could never even begin to name. I made it a habit to shake out my boots each morning before I put them on. One morning a jucy balck widow dropped out. I decided to see where it would go, and followed it to a hole in the wall of our latrine, apparently a nest of the suckers. We borrowed insecticide from the site engineer. Filled the hole with bug juice and never saw anymore spiders.

  5. I got a friend just spent almost ten days in the hospital, had to have nearly 6 cubic inches of her ass removed after getting bit by a spider. Could have been a brown recluse, could have been a black widow. Lot more widows around this area of California than recluses, though.

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