Silly story #1

Roamy here. Just a personal story I thought I’d share.

My dad was a truck driver for North American in their exhibits and electronics group, which was the group usually tasked for handling flight hardware. He was making a delivery to a university when he saw a picture of the Long Duration Exposure Facility (LDEF) in a professor’s office.

He casually commented to the professor, “My daughter worked on that.”  “Oh, who is your daughter?” asked the professor.  There were hundreds of people who worked on LDEF, what are the chances?  My dad told him, and the professor’s face lit up.  “Yes, I know her!  I have one of her papers right here!”  Sure enough, on his desk, he had one of my papers and showed it to Dad.  He and my dad chatted some more, and he ended up giving Dad a tour of the facility, including the clean room where they were working on a flight experiment.  Dad’s co-driver was bewildered to see Dad dressed out in a clean room suit and getting the red carpet treatment, and Dad just ate it up.  He called me that night, I think as impressed with my career as he has ever been.

Fast forward to ten years later.  I was at a materials conference, and they were honoring the same professor on his retirement after many years of research and leadership in the space environment field.  I had the chance to speak to him, and I thanked him for his kindness to my father, retelling the story Dad had told so many times.  He nodded and made some noncommittal noises.  Finally, he looked me in the eye and asked,

“Who are you again?”

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