Load HEAT- Megyn Kelly

I’m just about the worst right-wing Rethuglican I know. I can barely parrot Faux News talking points. Mostly because I rarely watch Fox News. Really, I find O’Rielly annoying.

Megyn Kelly, on the other hand, it quite the hottie. And just returned from maternity leave. Congrats, Megyn.

Megyn Kelly 1Megyn Kelly 2Megyn Kelly 3Megyn Kelly 4Megyn Kelly 5Megyn Kelly 6Megyn Kelly 7Megyn Kelly 8Megyn Kelly 9Megyn Kelly 10

Updated with a little Rule 5 linkage.

6 thoughts on “Load HEAT- Megyn Kelly”

  1. Bravo, Brad Buddy. I’m a girl, so my opinion does not carry much weight here. She is a hottie, but I think what makes her hot is her intellect and spunk. I never would want to have to debate this woman, and am very glad I’m on her side 99% of the time on issues.

    I always know she is having fun in her smack downs when she raises one eyebrow. Hahaha!

    1. You know, I think you may be right.

      But she’s cute enough I’ll leave her in.

      Plus, you’d be surprised how hard it was to find good pics of Megyn.

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