Vintage nose art

Roamy here.  XBradTC seems to have lost internet access today, so I am putting up a much-promised post on nose art.  I thought about a Load HEAT with these, but why wait until Monday?  These are from the book, “Vintage Aircraft Nose Art” by Gary M. Valant.  I believe I bought it at the bookstore at the USAF Museum in Dayton, many years ago.  There are more than a thousand photographs in the book, some that look too good to be on the side of a plane, some X-rated, a few where you wonder whose four-year-old was let loose with a paintbrush.  It was a personalized touch, something to do between missions, a memory of the girl back home (or last R&R).  And the planes are cool, too.

5 thoughts on “Vintage nose art”

  1. The Libra one reminded me that there was an entire zodiac series in the squadron. There were some extremely talented people at work back then. Unfortunately today some people are so afraid of what others may say that nose art is few and far between.

    1. The Aries one was kind of cool, with the young lass knitting her dress right off of the ram.

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