6 thoughts on “Daily Dose of Splodey- Roamy at Work Edition”

  1. Some great memories of those days. When you see all the problems we had in the early days it makes you realize that the men of Mercury truly had “huevos muy grande.”

    When Al Shepard and Gus Grisson rode Mercury-Redstones into space they were riding vehicles that were historically failing about half the time.

    When John Glenn rode the first Mercury-Atlas into orbit his vehicle was new, and equally unreliable.

    But, in those days the space program was everyone’s darling, and taking calculated risks was an acceptable part of the effort. We had some fantastic engineers working the program, and guys who absolutely had the right stuff flying the missions. But those who were around back then remember that we were very, very lucky.

    1. But also in those days we would accept risk they knew that some people most likely would die in the race for space. Now it seems that unless something is 100% safe we don’t even dare to use it.

  2. Some o’ them rockets look suspiciously like Vergeltungswaffe 2/A-4 types, to me.

    1. The Germans had a really bad habit of using stuff that was designed really well and were very effective. Kills me that they hit the mark right so many times.

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