NASA photo of the day

Roamy here. NASA’s modified Boeing 747 Shuttle carriers flew in formation over Edwards Air Force Base last week.

These carriers will be used to fly the shuttles to their museum destinations.  Will they be retired after that?  Boeing borrowed one to transport their Phantom Ray unmanned combat air vehicle, so maybe one will stay active?

I found this photo of the carrier’s Orbiter Mount with helpful instructions.

click to embiggen

3 thoughts on “NASA photo of the day”

  1. That the best and brightest Americans are watching this happen before our eyes… on top of everything else we are enduring? Unfathomable!

  2. I focus on the tasks on hand. I have enough to keep me busy for several months. The engine work alone is interesting and challenging. I just hope we will have the SLS or something like it to work on soon.

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