Hey, Massachusetts, what will it take for you to get rid of Barney Frank?

Seriously, there’s a large number of disgusting people in Congress, but Barney Frank is pretty much in a league of his own.

The man swore up and down that Fannie and Freddie were in perfect fiscal health, even as they rotted at the core. And Fannie and Freddie rewarded him by financing his reelection campaigns and providing a sinecure for his lover.

The latest stupidity to issue forth from his mouth is the claim that the downgrade of  US debt is due to military spending. 


Non defense discretionary spending

Graph via Gateway Pundit.

I dunno, Barney. Maybe, just maybe, sucking up an additional jacking up non-defense spending at astronomical rates had something to do with it.



4 thoughts on “Hey, Massachusetts, what will it take for you to get rid of Barney Frank?”

  1. Current military spending as a percentage of GDP is less than half of what it was at the time of Eisenhower. And all things considered — at least those that are rattling around in my head — methinks something a tad higher than post WWII could still be considered reasonable and conservative, because national security is one of our government’s highest priorities, at least according to the U.S. Constitution.

    And don’t let any of you folks on the east or west coast think that you are unable to change how people vote in your states. Recent reputable studies show that citizens with conservative values and views (not necessarily those who are permitted to self-identify) OUT-NUMBER those who hold to liberal views and values IN ALL 50 STATES (but not in D.C. so that should tell you something) most by a 2:1 margin with some states almost as high as a 4:1 margin.

    The challenge is to be willing to talk with people on the issues, listen to their views, and find common ground. Good news is that there’s a lot of common ground out there.

  2. Mass. loaded a so-called Republican to replace the late Kennedy seat in the Senate, but Barneys’ district? I just don’t know. Why he is not in Federal Prison??? I’m at a loss. Maybe he will do a dance at the next Ball, at the Whitehouse, with his friend, and , uhh, ???

  3. The fact that he and Dodd aren’t in prison or atleast run out off office is in my mind the biggest offence of all. Over and over people tried to get restrictions and control of fanny and freddi yet dodd and barney boy stopped it. AND THEY ARe STILL INCHARGE!!

    Military spending isnt the problem it atleast does something and creates millions of jobs and provides a export.

    Giving people who have never held jobs money to pop out babies or just money “because you exist”. BS
    Even SS they steal. If you work 10 months of your life and not a day more you can collect a SS check……….how is that fair?

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