Early Days of Army Aviation

Outlaw, do you think the safety officer might have had a heart attack at some of the NOE, especially with the Mohawk?


3 thoughts on “Early Days of Army Aviation”

  1. lol about the comment “old and rare as a gatling gun” just when the gatling guns were about to be reborn as vulcans and miniguns…

  2. About the NOE and the safety officer…it seems you could do a lot of stuff back then that people frown on today. I remember seeing footage of the Thunderbirds from back when they were flying F-100s and they were flying so low that people in the crowd were ducking when they did the cross over manuver after the bomb burst.

    Even when that broadcast was made the F-104 and 105 had M-61 vulcan cannons on board as armament…stupid army. 🙂

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