DoD Buzz | What’s to become of the Army’s high-tech soldier gear?

From “Aliens,” to video games, to TV shows, the future of infantry warfare has always been clear: Tomorrow’s soldiers will have some kind of cool eyepiece that tells them their locations and those of their compatriots; includes some kind of overall tactical picture; maps; the latest orders or messages; and enhanced vision or a FLIR-type picture. They’ll have some kind of awesome gun that shoots around corners, or fires laser beams — or both. They’ll have incredible, lightweight armor and, depending on their units, jet packs.

via DoD Buzz | What’s to become of the Army’s high-tech soldier gear?.

The Army has poured billions into this endeavor. But the program has always run up against the fundamental problem of providing power to the systems. Until there is an entirely new way of providing enough power with a minimal weight increase, this Starship Troopers goal will just be a drain on resources.

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  1. There was always the question in my mind how Juan Rico’s MI powered suit was powered. Just ’cause I’m an Engineer, I guess.

    I loved the Book “Starship Troopers,” but hated the movie. My son and I went to see the movie and both of us thought it was a stinker. He had read the book in High School, right after he got back from Sill and BCT. He liked the book too.

    I can understand why the Army likes the idea of all that stuff. The idea of being able to network your entire force in the field is seductive. But, unless you can find something that will run on the power that can be generated by thermocouples based on body heat, then you aren’t going to be able to do much.

    The Physics of radio will kill you as well. I don’t see how you can port WiFi to the battlefield. You could jam it fairly easily, and there goes your trooper network.

  2. QM, I agree the concept looks good in a “PowerPoint Presentation”. But when you get down to application, this is where you find the bugs.

    I have one question about your thermocouples, just where are they going to put them on you? This should be good. Enjoy.

    1. For your benefit, I’d say put them up where the sun don’t shine. Being as this is a blog with mixed company, and we being gentlemen and all, I’ll leave the rest to your fertile imagination. 🙂

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