DoD Buzz | DoD: Seriously, enough with all the cuts

For the record and on background, in the offices and in the corridors, the message from the Puzzle Palace this week is the same: We’ve taken one for the team. We’ve been preparing for months to absorb a $400 billion reduction in the growth of our budget over the next little while. (Maybe a decade, maybe longer.) So now, leave us alone. And if Congress’ super-team can’t come to an agreement on deficit reduction and spare us another $500 billion in reductions — which would be triggered by the Doomsday Device — all hell will break loose.

via DoD Buzz | DoD: Seriously, enough with all the cuts.

I’m perfectly willing to admit there’s plenty of room for cuts in the DoD budget. I’d personally swing a mighty axe at several programs. But as usual, liberals, Democrats, and the media (all one entity, really) think the DoD is the only piggy bank to raid to fund wasteful redistributionist programs.

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  1. Next week my Bible Study group will host an ingathering for our troops. I realize it’s not much in the big scheme of things, but there are millions of decent conservative civilians in America who are doing every thing we possibly can to reach out to our military and say thank you while our leftist government continues to abuse and abandon them.

  2. Our group also shows up at DFW weekly to welcome home the troops that come through here. Sometimes George W and Laura also show up totally unannounced, btw.

  3. Agree, enough with the DOD cuts. If you’re gonna cut anything, cut your expectations. When it comes to weapons systems, track the money. Then publish your findings. You might be surprised.

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