Another old film

Dunno why, but I just found this old small detachment stove video pretty fascinating. This would be a pretty nifty stove for a scout troop or such. And no, we didn’t have these when I was in.


6 thoughts on “Another old film”

  1. We used Coleman gas or Propane stoves. Handy and easy to set up. I never saw anything like the one in the film. My father may have as the AF had a bucnh of stuff like that left over from AAF days and early independence times.

    1. Normally, in military service, they’d actually be fueled with MOGAS, As the Army switched to diesel fuel for more and more applications, MOGAS actually became much harder to get ahold of.

  2. I remember white gas. We used that stuff to fuel the Coleman stove and lantern. Cooked a lot of meals on those stoves and played a lot of cards by the light of the lanterns. Good times.

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