Classic Movies

When I was a wee youngster in NJROTC, I used to love it when the instructors didn’t feel like teaching, and just had us watch old training films. This one was one of my favorites:


So, I’ve found a gazillion of these old films.

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9 thoughts on “Classic Movies”

  1. Given something you said in an email to me, I was tempted to put my tongue in my cheek and click “No, get back to work writing, you loser,” but didn’t.

    My favorite training film was the one we called “Seven Sailors” that sowed all the headaches those guys could cause in damage control operations and the like. Saw a bunch while in the Naval Reserve, but can’t remember a one of them.

  2. The tight khaki shorts make me tingle in my swimsuit area… so I vote for more tight khaki shorts too. Thanks.

  3. I knew what film it was going to be even before I scrolled down. Twenty-six years later, you are so predictable.

    1. Esli, I bet you guys went into the Army because you’d already seen all the Navy’s training films and didn’t want to have sit through them again.

    2. Like Brad, my dad was a naval aviator. Until my eyes failed me, I wanted to be one too. When I faced that I wasn’t going to fly for the navy, my grades went bad (to put it mildly). At that time, the infantry looked pretty fun, so I went in the army straight out of HS. (A lot of guys from navy towns go in the army….) My enlisted days were what matured me and gave me the discipline to get through college, later.

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