A Twofer from CDR Sal- Diversity Stupidity, AND an Excellent Critique of Crappy PPT

A member of the Salamander underground found a goodie. Here is the all-important Diversity presentation, given at the Navy-wide Career Counselor Symposium this week, can be found here, or just enjoy it below.

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CDR Salamander: Fullbore Friday

Most people think of retiring at 60 is retiring early. But in the service, retiring at 60 is about 20 years later than normal.




In 1969, Eugene Krueger left his young wife, Sharon, and headed off to Vietnam, where the 20-year-old’s heroism as an Army pilot would be recognized with two Distinguished Flying Crosses and a Bronze Star.

via CDR Salamander: Fullbore Friday.

Go read the whole thing.

(yes, I know, NG and USAR folks don’t collect a pension until 60 anyway!)

Panetta takes oath, begins a busy first day as defense secretary – News – Stripes

The Defense Secretary Leon Panetta era began on the Pentagon steps at 8:38 a.m on Friday with that greeting, a salute and a firm handshake from Marine Corps Lt. Gen. John Kelly, senior military assistant to the secretary.

Panetta, 73, is now officially President Barack Obama’s second secretary of defense and the first Democrat to lead the military since 1997.

via Panetta takes oath, begins a busy first day as defense secretary – News – Stripes.

Panetta’s main job will be to gut the military budget.