TAC Air/ Missiles and Might- Sunday Evening War Porn

I love these old newsreels from the Cold War era, especially the ones before the Vietnam war.

This one is from before 1962. You can tell because they are still calling the F-4 the “F-110A


This one is more a broad overview of how kickass the services were back then. Cool things to look for include the Bullpup missile:


5 thoughts on “TAC Air/ Missiles and Might- Sunday Evening War Porn”

  1. Nearly 34 minutes of narrative and not once did we hear the terms “humanitarian mission”, “green energy”, “transformational”, or “diversity”. So we couldn’t have been very good at all, could we?

  2. Is there a film made in 1961 of the Bullpup missle being fired in Germany? We went to Ramstein and they made a film of us getting the aircraft ready. The Russians also built a fence through Berlin while we were there. Were we the cause?

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