Goofy pic of the day

Roamy here.  That’s yours truly on the left.  Feel free to make snide comments about John Kerry, there’s no way to look good in a clean room suit.

Analyzing materials that have been exposed to space for 18 months makes up for the goofiness.

So what is all that stuff I’m looking at?  Pretty much every kind of material that would be on the outside of a spacecraft – windows, optics, solar array materials, heatshield materials, coatings, etc. (My former boss would get mad if you called it paint.  He said Glidden is paint, we work with coatings.  Whatever.)  It should keep me busy for the next couple of months.

2 thoughts on “Goofy pic of the day”

  1. What should we use as your new “call sign?” Bunny? Casper?

    Any other suggestions from teh crowd here?

    I’d never associate you and Kerry. That wouldn’t be close to a joke.

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