Incredibly Stupid Op-Ed of the Day

In May 1971, near the end of my junior year in high school, I participated in Armed Forces Day activities at the U.S. Naval Academy. I was immediately enchanted by the academy and Annapolis. When I returned to school the following week, I asked my guidance counselor if I could apply to the Naval Academy. He said that he didn’t think so, “because you have to be able to hear to serve our country.”

via US military must rethink policies on people with disabilities | The News Journal |

7 thoughts on “Incredibly Stupid Op-Ed of the Day”

  1. I like how his reasoning is that it basically boils down to that most of the jobs in the military are non-combat jobs and therefore it should be fine that someone who cannot hear should be allowed into the military. Has he ever heard (pun intended) about what happens in wars? How non combat people sometimes end up in combat. Criminey.

  2. The good part is that he’ll never hear “INCOMING” and it becomes a self correcting issue.

  3. Allowing queers to serve was called stupid at one time too. I agreed, and still agree, with that position. What’s one more bit of stupidity when it comes to the military.

    people are going to have to learn that there is no end of idiocy when you allow the first barrier to fall. The slickmeister knocked the first one over when he allowed women on ships and into combat support units. The rest are goign to fall soon, and the only people laughing will be our enemies.

  4. First sentence of the last paragraph begins: “I am unabashedly dovish…”
    That being the case, it’s a pretty safe bet that he didn’t actually want to serve in any functional sense of the term.

  5. If the point is serving his country and he’d like to do intel work, he do both as a civilian working for any of the services or national agencies.

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