Humvee With Chimney for Safety Draws Military’s Interest –

An innovative chimney to vent blasts from buried bombs could make the Humvee safer and bring the most popular military vehicle since the Jeep back from the sidelines in Afghanistan.

The Humvee fell out of favor in Iraq and Afghanistan as homemade bombs, the biggest killer of American troops, ripped through its light armor and turned it into a death trap.

But recent blast tests show that Humvees built with the new chimney could provide as much protection as some of the heavier, and more costly, mine-resistant vehicles that have replaced them in many uses.

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The “chimney” lets a major portion of the blast vent next to the gunner’s cupola. I can’t imagine gunne’s will be thrilled with that.

The Humvee was never really intended to be a combat vehicle. It was originally designed to be a replacement for the jeep and a series of pick-up truck sized vehicles.  It has proven remarkably adaptable, but even so, there’s no way it will ever win the race between armor and warhead size.  But even purpose built vehicles in the size range of the Humvee will also suffer from the limitations inherent in setting a small size on a vehicle.

If you want tank like protection, you end up with a tank.

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  1. I hope that was test dummy up in the 50 hatch. Whew, what a rush! What happened to my Kevlar. LOL

  2. There must be at least 653 versions of the HMMWV already. Let’s just add a few more.

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