Space pic of the day

Roamy here.  This one took me a bit to wrap my brain around.  This photo was taken from the International Space Station and is of Atlantis’ reentry.  From the forums on, the photographer was astronaut Mike Fossum, sitting in the ISS Cupola.  Atlantis was crossing Central America, probably El Salvador.

That’s the plasma glow from re-entering the atmosphere.  This one is blurrier (long exposure), but I like it better than the official one.

Dropped like a rock, didn’t it?

3 thoughts on “Space pic of the day”

  1. Yep….dropped like a rock. About like America’s leadership in manned space flight did yesterday with the landing of STS135.

  2. That is truly a unique perspective. I have never seen pictures like that! Now if someone produces pictures like that of Apollo missions, I will be concerned.

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