And…wheels stop

Roamy here. The pre-dawn landing of Atlantis this morning brings the Space Shuttle program to an end.


“Although we got to take the ride,” said Commander Chris Ferguson on behalf of his crew, ” we sure hope that everybody who has ever worked on, or touched, or looked at, or envied or admired a space shuttle was able to take just a little part of the journey with us.”

We did, sir. Welcome home.

4 thoughts on “And…wheels stop”

  1. Listened to the last landing the way I heard the first launch, via radio.
    Bravo Zulu to the crew and all those at NASA who made it possible.

  2. To paraphrase Winston Churchill, never in the history of human endeavor have so many owed so much to so few.

    The space program has been the preeminent technology driver of the last half century. Virtually every portion of our daily lives has been enhanced by technological achievements that came from our efforts in space.

    We have broadened our understanding of the universe, discovered new frontiers, advanced the horizons of medical science, and provided thousands, if not millions, of youngsters with the incentive to become engineers and scientists.

    Not a bad return on a program that cost each American about $60.00 a year. And when you hear critics claim that all that money was “wasted” in space just remember that every penny was spent right here on Earth.

    Now the bean counters at OMB and the clowns in the White House have decided that the money is more needed to fund “shovel ready stimulus” and other social programs that just happen to have greater impact on reelecting the current occupant of the Oval Office. After all, he’s the guy who told Charley Bolden, the current NASA Administrator, that NASA’s “primary job” is outreach to the Muslim world.

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