Boeing: Boeing P-8A Poseidon Production Aircraft Completes 1st Flight

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The first Boeing [NYSE: BA] P-8A Poseidon production aircraft completed its first flight on July 7, taking off from Renton Field and landing three hours later at Boeing Field in Seattle. The P-8A is the first of six low-rate initial production (LRIP) aircraft Boeing is building for the U.S. Navy as part of a $1.6 billion contract awarded in January.

The successful flight marked LRIP-1’s completion of final assembly in the company’s Renton factory and transition to mission system installation and checkout in Seattle. Boeing will deliver LRIP-1 to the Navy next year in preparation for initial operational capability, which is planned for 2013.

via Boeing: Boeing P-8A Poseidon Production Aircraft Completes 1st Flight.

Well, at least ONE defense acquisition program is running fairly well.

Yes, I know, AW1 Tim and some others have real issues with the concept of operations for the P-8. Fair enough.  But at least the development side has run fairly smoothly.

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  1. It’s mainly a matter of what is being left out. The lack of MAD equipment is a serious problem. P-3s may not use it much, but it’s like a parachute in that regard. Lives could be lost because of it. The Helos may still carry it, but they don’t range nearly as far.

    1. … helos won’t have it for much longer. B’s still do, but they’re going away in favor of R’s, which don’t.

      And in other news, DDG-79 and following don’t have a tail, either.

  2. Maybe I’ll see them next time I get up to Whidbey, which at current rates, should occur in about 2016. Still haven’t seen a Growler close-up, so I might have to drive on over to the NAS in the next day or so.

    1. i saw one of the pre-production P-8s up fairly close when I was up there, since I stopped by the Museum of Flight. I didn’t get a chance to go on NAS but I was staying on Dugualla Bay right under the pattern, so while I didn’t get a really close look at the Growler, I sure saw a lot in flight.

    2. Do you still have family up there?

      have fun. It’ll be cooler there than it is here. We’ve seen one of our infrequent highs in the 90s, and may get warmer in the next few. The heat that has been baking the plains finally got here. My grand kids are looking forward to a trip to the island Park in Cherokee and several hours playing in the river. I may join them.

    3. Yep, mother in law, brother in law, nieces and nephew. And, yes, it is nice and cool right now. No AC available, but with doors cracked, it is good. Had a fire last night to take the chill off!

    4. You dawg!

      While I will be in the shade tomorrow, It’ll still be in the 90s and I’ll sweat like a hog out doing measurements for pavement repair here on the Reservation. I’m just sure you will suitably sympathetic and drink a cold one in my memory. 🙂

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